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Command line summary in IT industry ( part 1 )


The total number of commands in the Command Line ( cmd ) includes cmd, cpl, msc and some other commands for IT people, this makes it very easy for IT people to remember and remember to use cmd on operating systems like Windows XP 7, 8, 10, recovery, software modification, networking, resource management system, equipment. ..v related to information technology industry.

Sometimes you want to shutdown quickly, you have to select the windows window, then select shutdown, the faster way is to press the ALT + F4  and  Enter buttons. To do this, you just need to open a cmd window, by pressing windows + R -> Run window, type cmd press Enter. and then enter the cmd commands below to know its uses, Hope it brings good results for you guys.

The cmd command has the extension *.cpl

Ncpa.cpl : Connect computer network card

Appwiz.cpl : Open add/remove program window

Firewall.cpl : Edit, configure the firewall

Hdwwiz.cpl   = Devmgmt.msc : Open the hardware add table

Powercfg.cpl : Configure the choice of power used in the machine

Sysdm.cpl : System properties. Configure the machine.

Timedate.cpl : Time Management Tool

Mmsys.cpl : Audio and Micphone

Wuaucpl.cpl : Automatically update windows

Desk.cpl : Show properties

Inetcpl.cpl : Internet properties

Main.cpl : Mouse properties

Netsetup.cpl : Network Setup Wizard

Access.cpl : Accessibility Control

Intl.cpl : Regional Settings

Nusrmgr.cpl : Manage user accounts


The cmd command has the extension .msc

Compmgmt.msc : Computer management (computer)

Lusrmgr.msc : Local users and groups (create user | user pass user pass / add)

Dsa.msc : Local Users and Groups ( Apply with DOMAIN CONTROLLER )

Fsmgmt.msc : Shared folder (shared folder)

Diskmgmt.msc : Disk management (disk management)

Devmgmt.msc : Device manager (computer driver)

Dfrg.msc : Defragment the disk (defrag the disk

Gpedit.msc : Group Policy Editor (edit main book group)

Gpmc.msc : Manage GPO policy ( Apply with DOMAIN CONTROLLER )

Services.msc : Services (services) (remove windows updater, remove windows protection…)

Secpol.msc : Local security settings: (character length limited to a limit)

Certmgr.msc : Certificate management (generate mail ca (data mailbox encryption))


Another cmd command

Chkdsk : fix corrupted files

Cleanmgr : cleans the hard drive (optional drive cleaner)

Controller : open panel

Cmd  : open a command line window

Dxdiag  : view system information

Ipconfig  : see related to network card

Mstsc  : communication desktop

Sndrec32 : open ghi âm ( tool saveers of the window )

Regedit  : Edit registry ( hkey_current_user \ software \ microsoft \ windows \ curre ntversion \ run -> create new \ string value\duong_dan_ung_dung )

Shell:startup  : start system apps

sfc /scannow  : check system files

Ping : send data to 1 specific server/ip

Tracert : checks traces and shows the path to the server on the internet.

Osk :  open virtual console

Nslookup :  view local server dns

hostname  : see computer name

Msinfo32  : view microsoft system

Calc  : open calculator utility

Charmap  : open the character table map with no characters on the keyboard

Clipbrd  : view window memory

 ftp  : run the program ftp

 Shutdown  : turn off the computer

 Spider : open the game in the system

 Taskmgr: mở Windows Task Manager

 Excel : Open Excel

 Winword  : open windows application

 Writing : open wordpad editor

 Winver  : Check current version of windows

 Wupdmgr  : windows update configuration.

 Msconfig : windows system configuration

 Diskpart  -> disk list: see which hard drive

 Getmac : mac machine address

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