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How to find Bitlocker Key ID on microsoft account (part 3)


Security is an essential part for everyone, especially our data, not only on phones, but also on computers.. Today I will guide how to secure data on Windows 10, Windows 10 has many different types of encryption, encrypting the File system – Encrypting File System (EFS) or using BitLocker to encrypt data (BitLocker Drive Encryption)….In the following article I will guide you to use Bitlocker code Encrypt data on Windows 10 (Part 1).

Instructions to find Bitlocker Key ID on micorsoft account

Following the series about bitlocker, today I continue to work on the topic of finding Bitlocker ID keys on Microsoft accounts. To do this in this article, you must make sure that the following 2 conditions are met.

  • The computer has signed in with a Microsoft account (if you don’t have an account, go here to register for )
  • You have backed up the bitlocker key on your Microsoft account as shown. (Refer to previous  post )
  • After meeting the above 2 conditions, you can choose the following link to recover the bitlocker key

Search in the article keyword:   Sign in to your Microsoft account and logon, the interface looks like that is correct.

  • However, you need to note the following items:
    + Device name: Is the name of the computer that you have backed up before (it is possible that you use 1 Microsoft account to log in to many computers, so you must agree with me. that the device name must be correct)
    + Key ID: To find the Lock ID, Select the disk to unclock, select properties -> unclock driver -> ID Bitlocker
    + Recovery key: is a security key sequence that has been generated from Bitclocker.
  • From the above data, we can deduce which drive corresponds to the Bitlcocker ID code sequence.


I have finished the instructions on How to find the Bitlocker Key ID on your Microsoft account, hopefully this information will help you secure your data more safely and effectively. Also refer to more good articles on security here. 

Thien Tek95
Thien Tek95
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