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Tutorial using Bitlocker to encrypt data on Windows 10 (Part 1)


Security is an essential part for everyone, especially our data, not only on phones, but also on computers.. Today I will guide how to secure data on Windows 10, Windows 10 has many different types of encryption, encrypting the File system – Encrypting File System (EFS) or using BitLocker to encrypt data (BitLocker Drive Encryption)….In the following article I will guide you to use Bitlocker code Encrypt data on Windows 10 (Part 1).

Instructions for encrypting data with BitLocker

1. Make sure that your hard drive is working properly on your computer. Here I take an example of an E partition on the hard drive.

2. Go to My computer, select the E drive partition, right-click and select Turn on BitLocker 



3. Wait for a while for the BitLocker initialization to complete.

4. Select Use a password to unlock the drive and specify your password. Re-enter the password to confirm and then click Next .


5. Choose where you want to save the recovery key needed to access the drive in case you forget your password. Here there will be 4 options for you to save passwords.
     1. Save to your Microsoft account, Save it to your Microsoft account (make sure your microsoft account is linked to your computer)
     2. Save to a USB flash drive, store it on a removable USB device (make sure you have 1 usb plugged into the computer to save the password) 
     3. Save to a file , save the file on any partition on your computer
     4. Print the recovery key, print the recovery key later, please store it carefully Please keep this printout in a secure place for your personal documents, to avoid exposing information.



6. Select how you want to encrypt the drive. If you are using a new drive, select Encrypt used disk space only . If you are using a drive with data, select Encrypt entire drive . Then click Next .

7. Here, there will be 2 modes for you to choose the encryption mode. If you choose Compatible mode , it is suitable for encoding on old windows versions like windows 7, windows 8 And if you use windows 10, then choose New encryption  mode because this is the best encryption for your hard drive. Then click Next.


8. Make sure you remember your previous password before clicking Start encrypting 


9. Encryption of your data is fast or slow depending on your data (Microsoft estimates the encryption speed to be around 500MB/min).
Note: During the encryption process, you should not turn off the device horizontally to avoid the problem of data encryption such as if you are using a Laptop, make sure the battery has to meet the data encryption time, and PC, the power must ensure to avoid data damage, data loss.

10. Click Close to end the encryption process..

Instructions to open data with password or Key ID

  1. When you have successfully encrypted data, that means you have to restart the computer or turn off the computer, then open it again and go to My Computer to see the encrypted drive E partition. To unlock, select Unlock Driver.


2. Enter the password that you saved before, it will come out like step 3, and in case you forget the password, then you choose to unlock with Key ID on your windows

3. When entering the correct information, partition E will be opened successfully.

4. Select Manage Bitlocker to enter the BitLocker manager

     5. In the BitLocker management section, including 
     1. Back up your recovery key
password) should change the password regularly to avoid the case of information being leaked out , Hackers spying on information.    3. Remove password means your data is no longer secure      4. Add smart card (Add information card) is rarely used, so this kind of situation      5. Turn on auto-unlock (Turn on BitLocker automatically. )      6. Turn off BitLocker ( Turn off Bitlocker )


6. To change password , you must remember the old password and re-enter the new password, in case you forget the password, select Reset a fogotten password to enter a new password.

7. Reset a fogotten password set a new password for yourself.



Above, I have instructed to use Bitlocker to encrypt data on Windows 10, followed by How to find Bitlocker key id password on Windows (part 2)

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